Listmas 2016: Five Uproariously Fun Multiplayer Games

The holidays are almost here and you’ve decided that you want to host some of your friends at your place for the occasion. You’ve got the food figured out and are confident that everyone will be willing to talk, but what are you all actually going to do at this party? Well, you could always break out some games. Just make sure that, if you do, you go with one of the following instead of falling back on Monopoly or Charades. Your guests will thank you (especially if you all enjoy video games)!

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection – (Xbox One)

There’s nothing quite like local multiplayer in Halo games. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at the game or not, experienced or not, a video game player or not. Once the action starts, it’s very difficult to avoid getting drawn into the excitement! I recommend the Master Chief Collection in particular because it’s all four numbered entries all rolled into one (with full splitscreen multiplayer/coop support to boot)! Yup, there’s very little that can beat the Halo experience of manically running around trying to outplay your friends. In fact, I don’t think anything other than a Nintendo game could hope to beat it. Speaking of which…

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Mario Party 1-3 – (N64)

There’s no escaping Mario Party around here. I’ve already written a bit about the fun it has to offer, but I just couldn’t resist including it here. If you’re confident in the strength of your friendships, then Mario Party is just the game you’re looking for! If not, then perhaps you should move on our next entry.

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Super Smash Bros. – (Wii U)

Okay, so maybe this isn’t all that much better, but bear with me here. Much of Mario Party’s “friendship-ending” reputation is earned by just how much of it is due to chance. Unless you’re used to how the game works and the influence chance actually has on it, you’re probably going to come out of it feeling a bit sour if you lose. Super Smash Bros. does away with that (mostly) and simply pits you and your friends in a direct head-to-head brawl. The only things that can keep you alive in this game are your own skill, an uncanny ability to stay out of the fray…or that golden hammer that happened to spawn next to you. OH WAIT! It’s a rubber golden hammer! Never mind, you’re in deep trouble now!

Super Smash Bros. may be more direct, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep things fun and level by throwing everyone for loops now and again. 😀

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Mario Kart – (Any)

I couldn’t single out any Mario Kart in particular here because they’re all excellent! Mario Kart has always provided a chaotically good time, and that’s only gotten more true over the years. In fact, if you own a Wii U then Mario Kart 8 is exactly what you need to make sure your guests have a good time. I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to bridge the gap between skilled and unskilled in a way that doesn’t feel unfair. It’s a game everyone can enjoy. Alternatively, Mario Kart: Double Dash for Gamecube is a great choice for larger groups. Its unique team mechanic goes a long way towards fostering friendly rivalry and competition.

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WarioWare: Smooth Moves – (Wii)

Nothing in gaming is quite as much fun as a good Mario Kart race with your friends, but there is something that comes close. WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes the zaniness found in all Nintendo games and dials it up to 11! This is the one and only game that I think makes proper use of the Wii motion controls, because without them we wouldn’t have a game at all! This entry brings back the series’ trademark “micro-games” and introduces new twists by tying them all to different movements. Hold the controller at your hip to do a hula-hoop game. Set it down, then pick it back up at the right time in order to trigger a trap! Stick it in front of your nose and pretend you’re an elephant grabbing fruit from a tree! (yes, really.) This is a game that anyone can play, is perfect for groups both small and large, and is guaranteed to leave everyone smiling by the end!

Got any multiplayer games you’re always up for playing? Which ones would you most enjoy introducing your friends to?

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  1. duckofindeed says:

    I never really played many multiplayer games myself, and while my own example isn’t exactly the best game for a bunch of people, I always really enjoyed playing the mini games in Banjo-Tooie with others, especially the first-person games where you got to use Kazooie to shoot eggs at people. I was always pretty good at the one in Mayahem Temple because I knew the secret passages pretty well and was good at sneaking up on others. I liked chasing people down with the Clockwork Kazooie egg….

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Banjo-Tooie had mini-games? Cool! How many were there?


      1. duckofindeed says:

        They pretty much just let you replay the mini games from the game with others (like Hoop Hurry and Balloon Burst; I think they had the quiz you could play with others, too). They also let you play against others in those first-person locations like Mayahem Temple, and you’d try to defeat the other players. Those were my favorite.

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